Building Renovation – Arethousa

Renovation of a block of flats in the coastal road of Limassol.

Estimated delivery time: 12 months
Delivery time: 12 months

Challenge Underneath the building there is a restaurant, which operates daily. We were called to apply efficiently the “Construction Site Safety”, so that to abide by all the necessary safety devices, not only for the workers in the construction site but also for the restaurant customers and the passersby. The project was realized with great success, as a special construction was created, which allowed, during the works, the proper and safe operation of the restaurant.


  • Earthquake improvement
  • Replacement of new balconies
  • Repair of weathered plaster
  • Static reinforcements (greater stability of the building)
  • Insulation οf panels and verandas
  • Upgrading and improvement of the external appearance of the building
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Location: Coastal Road - Limassol
Architect: Praxis Designs (Andreas Christofides)