Building Renovation in Limassol

Complete renovation of block of flats and expansion of the basement.

Estimated time of delivery: 30 days
The work was implemented in: 28 days
Delivery Time 28 days!


  • Complete renovation of toilets, kitchens and bathrooms
  • Change of floors
  • Painting of walls
  • Construction of false ceilings
  • Construction of plasterboard walls in the gym ground floor
  • Expansion of the veranda of the ground floor so as to be used by the gym
  • Insulation with rockwool in the partition walls
  • Intubation of the water supply
  • New electrical installations
  • Creation of external parking for 30 cars, placement of concrete
  • External painting of the block of flats, + graffiti
The complete building renovation in Limassol (inside-outside) resulted in the creation of a renovated building with modern style, full of energy and dynamism. Also, in only 28 days the expansion of the ground floor took place, so as to be used by the open-air gym and a parking was created too!


Location: Limassol