Corporate Office Building

High Tech Building!

One more high aesthetic, modern building is being constructed entirely by the Buildia Construction company.

This specific one constitutes a gem of Makedonia street, which was constructed within the period of 13 months!

Estimated delivery time: 15 months
Delivery time: 13 months


What has been used:
  • Concrete
  • Special construction and design
  • Glass facade
  • Specialized topographers, because of the slope of the land and the special construction of the building
In the building, there is the convenience of 37 parking places. Underground Parking and Ground Floor Parking This building has been constructed so as to roof companies, while at the same time luxury office spaces have been created. This luxury building, on a central avenue of Limassol, was designed and constructed entirely by Buildia!


Location: Limassol
Completed: 2017
Architect: Armeftis & Associates Architects